From the Perspective of Life Insurance Companies 

does vaping count as smoking

For as long as we’ve known that smoking tobacco is dangerous, Life Insurance companies have been charging much higher premiums for smokers.  But in this day and age, many people are using modern nicotine delivery systems like vape pens and e-cigarettes instead of smoking traditional cigarettes, so many are asking - does vaping count as smoking in your application? 

With most carriers, just like smoking marijuana, the marjority of life insurance companies are going to rate nicotine vaping the same as traditional cigarettes, but there is some good news for vaping and life insurance.  We’ve discovered a vape life insurance carrier that is willing to give as high as a Non-Smoker Plus rating for nicotine vaping assuming the rest of your health and application looks good.


This is an incredible discovery because anyone who vapes nicotine and has applied for life insurance has found out the hard way that they're usually given a smoker rating, and their rates are often double what they would be if they were able to get a non-smoker rate on their approval.  Some may search specifically for vaping nicotine life insurance company, and with the information we have access to as agents, we've done the homework for you.  We want you to get the most coverage you can for the least amount of premium, and our mission is to set you up with as much success as we can when you apply for life insurance.     

So if you vape nicotine and are interested in life insurance, fill out the instant quoter below, and we'll be in touch shortly to help you.  When we run through the app together, let us know about your vaping usage so we can make sure we’re setting you up for the most success.