Marijuana Friendly Life Insurance Quotes

in 30 Seconds or Less

Welcome to Life Insurance 420, a life insurance agency dedicated to helping marijuana users get approved for life insurance with Non-Smoker health ratings.  Covering your loved ones is important, and we're here to help you save a lot of money on your premiums.  


Life insurance companies usually test for marijuana, and most will give you a Smoker rating.  Smoker rates are often triple the rates of Non-Smokers, so it's important for you to apply to a marijuana friendly carrier that will offer Non-Smoker rates for marijuana use.  Your state of residence does not matter.

If you want to protect your loved ones with life insurance, the only way to apply is to work with an agent, and if you work with us we'll be able to help you apply to the right carriers. 

Fill out the instant quoter with accurate contact info to see some quotes, and we will be in touch shortly to help answer any questions. 

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