Life Insurance Application

Life Insurance Application

Now that you feel comfortable applying for life insurance as a marijuana user, the process for actually getting approved can take 1 - 2 months.  Everyone would like to submit their  life insurance application, get a great health rating, and start their coverage within a few days, but it's a complex process that takes some time so I'll highlight the steps for you.  If you want to be covered right away, make sure you sign up for the Temporary Insurance Agreement as that will cover you during the application process as soon as you sign your application.

Here's what the typical process looks like

  1. Talk to Life Insurance 420 Agent - We'll run quotes for you, answer questions, and email you the appropriate application.

  2. Fill Out Application - I can help you fill it out over the phone.  You'll need to sign several pages and scan it back.  Then we can submit it to the insurance company.

  3. Schedule Medical Exam - Once you've signed your application, we can request a date and time for a medical professional to come to your home at a time that's convenient for you.  It's best to schedule it first thing in the morning because you'll need to fast at least 8 hours.  The examiner does not work for the insurance company, but are rather contracted by the insurance company to collect your blood and urine samples, take your blood pressure, and retrieve any other pertinent health information.  Remember, we're setting up with a marijuana friendly life insurance company, so you want to admit use on your application and they're expecting to see THC in your labs, and you're still capable of getting a good non-smoker health rating if everything else looks good.  

  4. Lab Work is Submitted to Insurance Carrier - Once the medical technician uploads your documents, we can send them over to the insurance company for the underwriter to review.  Once they receive everything they may need several days before they get to your case.

  5. Underwriter Reviews Application and Medical Exam - They may have a few questions for you based on this info, and may also request medical records from your doctors to get a clearer picture on specific health questions that come up.  Medical records can sometimes slow down the process as some doctors may be slow to respond.

  6. Underwriter Provides Approved Health Rating - Assuming the underwriter feels you're an insurable risk, they'll provide an approval rating with your rates via email, but your coverage will not start until all paperwork and payments are complete.

  7. Your Policy is Sent Out - First they come to our office to review and sign.  Then we mail them to you, and you'll have to sign  necessary pages and submit any necessary payment info required.  We'll review your policy together over the phone with you to make sure you understand it.

  8. Your Coverage Begins - Once you've signed your documents, mailed them to the carrier, and you see that they've fully processed your payment, you are covered!  It's also possible to be covered during the application process when you sign up for Temporary Insurance.  I definitely recommend this to people who have no coverage during the time you're applying so make sure you fill this part out.  

Once you do your medical exam, most of the work is on us, but it takes some time.  So don't wait, get started today by submitting your info on our instant life insurance quoter, and I'll be in touch soon.