Life Insurance Drug Test

How to Pass a Life Insurance Exam

Life Insurance companies drug test their applicants, so it's helpful if you know what the process looks like.  

Life Insurance Drug Test

Part of the life insurance application includes a physical exam.  Once you fill out your application, sign it, and send it back to me, then we can request your exam appointment.  On a date that's convenient for you, a medical professional from a 3rd party company will come to your house and conduct a 30 minute physical. 

During this physical exam they will take both blood and urine samples to make sure all your organs are functioning properly and your overall health looks good.  They will also test for drugs in these lab examinations.  If they find cocaine in your lab reports it's an automatic fail.  They will also test for nicotine, THC, and more. 

They're also going to take your blood pressure 3 times, switching arms, your height and weight, and will have additional health questions about past surgeries, medical history, family history, and medications.


Since we're setting you up with a marijuana friendly life insurance company, we're going to admit use on your application, and they're going to expect to find THC in your lab reports.  They are able to see low, medium, and high levels of THC concentration, so it would be wise not to smoke marijuana the night before your exam.   We recommend avoiding happy hours the night before as well, and just having a normal, low key evening at home with a healthy, balanced meal, and good night of sleep.  If you enjoy marijuana a few times a week, take a few days off prior to your exam so your THC levels aren't so high come your physical exam time.  

We recommend scheduling your physical exam first thing in the morning as you'll need to fast for at least 8 hours.  Typically they can get to your home by 8:00 am.  It's a good idea to drink water that morning, but no food.  Do eat food immediately after you provide your blood and urine samples.

Within 24-48 hours the medical technician will upload their paperwork to their website, which I'll then retrieve and pass on to the life insurance company to accompany your application.  Once submitted, it can take several weeks for the underwriter to review all your information and come back with either an approved health rating, or denial of coverage.  If you are denied, you are not out any money, and your information is kept confidential.  You can always reapply in the future.  If you receive a lower health rating than we hoped for, we can always adjust the death benefit amount and/or term length to meet your budget.   


To get the process started, enter your information into our instant quoter, and we'll be in touch shortly after.