Life Insurance for Smokers

best life insurance for smokers

The best life insurance for smokers is an important question to ask when you're applying for life insurance.  At Life Insurance 420 we help people that smoke marijuana as well as tobacco, and here's what we've learned from experience. 

The best life insurance for marijuana use can be found by applying to a marijuana friendly life insurance carrier.  A top rated life insurance carrier we work with is comfortable with smoking marijuana up to 3x per week, and will still give you a non-smoker health rating.  Life insurance for smokers costs easily double or triple the amount of life insurance for a non-smoker, so getting that non-smoker rating will save you a lot of money if you qualify.  Lying about smoking on life insurance applications is considered fraud, and they can usually can find out pretty easily, so let us help you apply appropriately.  

The best life insurance for tobacco users is a more complex question as there are a number of ways in which tobacco is consumed these days.  Traditionally speaking, any form of tobacco use or marijuana use was given a smoker rating.  Life insurance companies test for nicotine and THC in the physical exam, check your medical records, and ask you about it on the application.  But times have changed.  

If you're a cigarette smoker, there's no two ways around it. The best life insurance for smokers of cigarettes will vary depending on your age, how much insurance you want, your overall health, and more.   We can run quotes across many insurance companies with a smoker rating to see who comes back the cheapest.  We also have access to an independent underwriter that can advise on which companies would be best based on the information in your life insurance application.  


For tobacco users, you might be asking more along the lines of smokeless tobacco, vaping nicotine, and occasional cigar smoking life insurance rates.  For this group, the best life insurance for tobacco user that aren't smoking cigarettes is actually the same carrier we use for marijuana users.  They are willing to give a non-smoker plus rating for this type of nicotine consumption, which provides a significantly lower premium for coverage.  

Other things that can affect your health rating include things like height a weight, blood pressure, your blood work results, diet, exercise, medications, medical history, and family medical history.  We'll do the best we can to help you fill out your application so the underwriter can determine if certain things in your history are serious or not.  

For now, the best way to get started would be to fill out our instant quoter to see some rates, and one of our agents will be in touch shortly.